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Table 1 Treatment parameters for preliminary studies

From: Therapeutic ultrasound as a potential male contraceptive: power, frequency and temperature required to deplete rat testes of meiotic cells and epididymides of sperm determined using a commercially available system

Parameter Preliminary
Study #1
Study #2
Coupling medium (°C) N.R. N.R.
Treatments 1 1
Duration (minutes) 10 10
Coupling medium DW or PBS dg-DW
Intensity (W/cm2) 1 2.2
Frequency (MHz) 1 1
Transducer (cm2) 5 5
Fertility Trial No Yes
  1. The temperature of the coupling medium was not regulated (N.R.) in these studies. Coupling medium was distilled water (DW), phosphate buffered saline (PBS), or degassed, distilled water (dg-DW). Fertility trial was conducted as described in the Methods.