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Table 1 VCUAM classification[8]

From: Malformations in a cohort of 284 women with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH)

Organ Stage Description
Vagina (V) 0 Normal
  1a Partial hymenal atresia
  1b Complete hymenal atresia
  2a Incomplete septate vagina < 50%
  2b Complete septate vagina
  3 Stenosis of the introitus
  4 Hypoplasia
  5a Unilateral atresia
  5b Complete atresia
  S1 Sinus urogenitalis (deep confluence)
  S2 Sinus urogenitalis (middle confluence)
  S3 Sinus urogenitalis (high confluence)
  C Cloacae
  + Other
  # Unknown
Cervix (C) 0 Normal
  1 Duplex cervix
  2a Unilateral atresia/aplasia
  2b Bilateral atresia/aplasia
  + Other
  # Unknown
Uterus (U) 0 Normal
  1a Arcuate
  1b Septate <50% of the uterine cavity
  1c Septate >50% of the uterine cavity
  2 Bicornate
  3 Hypoplastic uterus
  4a Unilaterally rudimentary or aplastic
  4b Bilaterally rudimentary or aplastic
  + Other
  # Unknown
Adnexa (A) 0 Normal
  1a Unilateral tubal malformation, ovaries normal
  1b Bilateral tubal malformation, ovaries normal
  2a Unilateral hypoplasia/gonadal streak (including
tubal malformation if appropriate)
  2b Bilateral hypoplasia/gonadal streak (including
tubal malformation if appropriate)
  3a Unilateral aplasia
  3b Bilateral aplasia
  + Other
  # Unknown
Associated malformations (M) 0 None
  R Renal system
  S Skeleton
  C Cardiac
  N Neurologic
  + Other
  # Unknown