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Table 3 Comparison of the characteristics and IVF outcomes between poor responders aged 35 years with high FF BMP-15 levels and normal responders

From: Bone morphogenetic protein-15 in follicle fluid combined with age may differentiate between successful and unsuccessful poor ovarian responders

Parameter Poor responders aged≤35 with high BMP-15 (56 cycles) Normal responders (215 cycles) Pvalue
No. of oocytes retrieved 3 (0–7) 9 (3–21) <0.001a
ET cycle/started cycle 83.9% 95.8% 0.004b
No. of embryos transferred 2 (0–3) 2 (0–3) <0.001a
Implantation rate/embryo 28.9% 24.8% 0.436 b
Chemical pregnancy rate/ET cycle 44.7% 47.1% 0.756b
Clinical pregnancy rate/ET cycle 40.4% 45.6% 0.516b
Live birth rate/ET cycle 38.3% 37.4% 0.907b
Miscarriage rate 5.3% 18.7% 0.121b
  1. a Values presented as medians (ranges) and compared by the Mann-Whitney-U test.
  2. b Values are compared with Chi-square test (likelihood ratio).