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Figure 4

From: Regulation of Akt expression and phosphorylation by 17β-estradiol in the rat uterus during estrous cycle

Figure 4

Expression of Akt, Phospho-Akt and PTEN during the estrous cycle. Endometrial proteins were extracted from uteri at different days of estrous cycle for Western analysis: A) Akt, B) Phospho-Akt and C) PTEN. β-actin blots shown were used as controls to correct for loading in each lane. Graphics represent Western blots densitometrical analysis: Akt (mean ± SEM of seven independent experiments), Phospho-Akt (mean ± SEM of six independent experiments) and PTEN (mean ± SEM of eight independent experiments). Blots shown are from one representative experiment. Columns with different superscript are significantly different (different letters are different from each other) (p < 0.05).

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