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Table 2 Functional analysis for the differentially expressed genes in endometrium from women with adenomyosis before and after GnRHa treatment

From: Transcriptome analysis of eutopic endometrium in adenomyosis after GnRH agonist treatment

Classification Term DEGs
Environmental information processing Signaling molecules and interaction AVPR1B; CCL21; CCR8; GABRB2; GRIA3; HTR1B; HTR2A; HTR2C; IL34; NGF; PTGER3
Signaling transduction ATP1A2; AVPR1B; CCL21; FST; GRIA3; HTR1B; HTR2A; HTR2C; MS4A2; NGF; NR4A1; PDGFD; PPP2R3B; PRKG2; PTGER3; PTPN5; SERPINE1; SFRP5; THEM4
Organismal systems Immune system CCL21; CCR8; CFD; F5; GRK1; MS4A2; PRKG2; SERPINE1
Sensory system GRK1; HTR1B; HTR2A; HTR2C; NGF; PRKG2; SCN3A; SCNN1G; TAS2R1; TAS2R31
Nervous system GABRB2; GRIA3; HTR1B; HTR2A; HTR2C; KCNQ3; NGF; PPP2R3B; PRKG2; SLC17A8; TH; UNC13C