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Fig. 2

From: Time associations between U.S. birth rates and add-Ons to IVF practice between 2005–2016

Fig. 2

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(a) The biggest contribution to increases in total cycle numbers came from frnd-cycles, likely, the single most important practice change during the study period. (b) This figure demonstrates progressive increases in donor egg cycles with advancing female age, starting at age 38 but accelerating above age 40 and especially after age 42 years. The figure also demonstrates the recent dramatic switch from fd- to frd-cycles. (c) Utilization of embryo banking significantly increased over the study period, with the year 2010 representing the beginning of a significant uptick. (d) This figure demonstrates the significant increase eSET utilization in women of all ages, with greatest increases in youngest patients but even women above age 40 experiences increases.

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