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Table 2 Correlation coefficients indicative of colocalizations

From: Characterization of the effects of heat stress on autophagy induction in the pig oocyte

  1. 1Pools of at least 30 oocytes were collected after 0, 21, or 42 hours of IVM (HS/TN).
  2. 2Oocytes experienced either TN throughout the entire IVM or HS during the first half of IVM (HS/TN).
  3. 3The PDC localization plugin in the Image J processing program was used to calculate Pearson’s and Spearman’s correlation coefficient representing colocalization of BCL2L1 with BAX or BECN1 in indivual oocytes. As per French et al. [48], a Pearson’s R of 0. 72 and Spearman’s R of 0.63 is considered a high degree of colocalization.