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Table 3 The number of embryos in uterine flushings of day 4 pregnant mice

From: Tumor susceptibility gene 101 is required for the maintenance of uterine epithelial cells during embryo implantation

Genotype No. of plug-positive mice No. of mice with embryos Total no. of embryos* Total no. of blastocysts (%) Total no. of morula (%)
Tsg101f/f 8 6 32 26 (81.25) 6 (18.75)
Tsg101d/d 9 6 30 13 (43.3) 17 (56.7)
  1. * Mice received 2.5 IU of eCG followed by 2.5 IU hCG 48 h later and were individually caged with stud males to induce mating. The next morning, a mouse with a visible vaginal plug was designated to be on day 1 of pregnancy. Mice were sacrificed at 11 AM on day 4. One uterine horn from each mouse was flushed and the other horn was subjected to histological analysis