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Table 6 Dysregulation of circRNAs in PE

From: Roles of noncoding RNAs in preeclampsia

CircRNA Sample type Status Function Ref.
hsa_circ_0001438 placenta upregulated hsa_circ_0001438, hsa_circ_0001326, and hsa_circ_32340 were upregulated in the sPE patients and the circRNA-miRNA-mRNA interaction network generated with these three circRNAs revealed a broad regulatory network that might be involved in the pathogenesis of sPE [197]
hsa_circ_0001326 placenta upregulated
hsa_circ_32340 placenta upregulated
hsa_circ_101,222 placenta upregulated Plasma protein endoglin in combination with circ-101,222 strengthened the predictive power for pre-eclampsia [198]
hsa_circ_SFXN1 placenta upregulated CircSFXN1 overexpression significantly inhibited the invasion of TEV-1 trophoblasts and blocked the angiogenesis of human umbilical vein endothelial cells [199]
hsa_circ_0011460 placenta upregulated Circ-0011460 were involved in vasodilation, regulation of blood vessel size, protein transport and localization [200]
hsa_circ_0088227 placenta/plasma downregulated Knockdown of circPAPPA led to decreased proliferation and invasion in HTR8-S/Vneo trophoblast cells [13]
hsa_circ_TNRC18 placenta upregulated Circ-TNRC18 enhanced trophoblast cell migration and epithelial-mesenchymal transition [15]
hsa_circ_0014736 placenta upregulated the three altered circ-RNAs had a relationship with transcription regulation, proliferation, protein binding, and response to hypoxia [201]
hsa_circ_0015382 placenta upregulated
hsa_circ_0007121 placenta downregulated
hsa_circ_100782 placenta upregulated / [202]
hsa_circ_102682 placenta upregulated /
hsa_circ_104820 placenta upregulated /
hsa_circ_0001855 placenta upregulated Circ-0004904 and circ-0001855 combined with PAPP-A might be promising biomarkers for the detection of PE [203]
hsa_circ_0004904 placenta upregulated
hsa_circ_3286 placenta downregulated Circ-3286 significantly promoted HTR8/Svneo cell invasion. [204]
hsa_circ_593 placenta downregulated /
hsa_circ_3800 placenta downregulated /
hsa_circ_3286 plasma downregulated /
hsa_circ_0036877 plasma upregulated Circ-0036877 significantly increased apoptosis of syncytial trophoblasts in the PE placenta [205]
placenta downregulated
hsa_circ_0036878 placenta downregulated /
hsa_circ_0055724 placenta downregulated /
hsa_circ_0049730 placenta downregulated /
hsa_circ_0036474 placenta upregulated /