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Table 3 Association between polymorphisms with SNPs and risk of PE

From: Roles of noncoding RNAs in preeclampsia

MiRNA Sample type Risk Variant Association with PE minor allele frequencyn n(%) Ref.
miRNA-155 serum rs767649 A allele T allele(39.2) [127]
miRNA-146a maternal blood rs2910164 Negative C allele(38.7) [126, 128]
miRNA-27a maternal blood/Placental rs895819 GC + CC vs GG T allele(46) [129]
miRNA-196a2 maternal blood rs11614913 Negative T allele(38.6) [130]
miR-499 Placental rs3746444 CT + TT vs CC C allele(37.3) [130]
miRNA-152 maternal blood rs12940701 CC vs TC + TT T allele(28.9) [131]
miRNA-26a maternal blood/Placental rs7372209 Negative T allele(16) [132]