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Table 4 Coping strategies, anxiety, and resilience of survey participantsa

From: Psychological experience and coping strategies of patients in the Northeast US delaying care for infertility during the COVID-19 pandemic

  n = 214
How often were the following coping skills in the top 5: n(%)
Established a daily routine 93(43.5%)
Making sure I went outdoors regularly 83(38.8%)
Exercise 82(38.3%)
Maintaining social connection via phone/FaceTime/Zoom 68(31.8%)
Working 59(27.6%)
Watching TV/films 47(22%)
Affirmative statements such as we will make it through this... 45(21%)
Pets 44(20.6%)
Acknowledging what you are grateful for 41(19.2%)
Journaling 37(17.3%)
Sex with my partner 26(12.1%)
Social networking (Facebook etc.) 24(11.2%)
Reading 23(10.7%)
Online support group 20(9.3%)
Devotional activities (i.e. prayer) 18(8.4%)
Gardening 18(8.4%)
Meditation 18(8.4%)
Listening to music 16(7.5%)
Other 5(2.3%)
 Established a daily routine rank mean (sd) 2.2(1.3)
 Exercise rank mean (sd) 2.3(1.1)
 Making sure I went outdoors regularly rank mean (sd) 2.4(1.2)
 Pets rank mean (sd) 2.5(1.2)
 Affirmative statements rank mean (sd) 2.6(1.2)
 Maintaining social connection rank mean (sd) 2.6(1.3)
 Devotional activities (i.e. prayer) rank mean (sd) 2.6(1.7)
 Listening to music rank mean (sd) 3.1(1.3)
 Acknowledging what you are grateful for rank mean (sd) 3.2(1.5)
 Other rank mean (sd) 3.2(1.5)
 Working rank mean (sd) 3.3(1.3)
 Watching TV/films rank mean (sd) 3.5(1.2)
 Reading rank mean (sd) 3.5(1.3)
 Sex with my partner rank mean (sd) 3.5(1.4)
 Gardening rank mean (sd) 3.6(1.3)
 Meditation rank mean (sd) 3.7(1.1)
  Social networking (Facebook etc.) rank mean (sd) 3.8(1.3)
 Journaling rank mean (sd) 4.1(1.2)
 Online support group rank mean (sd) 4.2(1.2)
 How many days per week did you exercise? mean (sd) 3.1(1.9)
Did you go outside if weather permitted? n(%)
Yes 165(77.1%)
No 12(5.6%)
How many times per week did you go outside? mean (sd) 5.2(3.2)
 Did you increase use of marijuana? n(%)
I do not smoke marijuana 156(72.9%)
No 14(6.5%)
Yes 4(1.9%)
Did you increase use of alcohol? n(%)
No 68(31.8%)
I do not drink alcohol 54(25.2%)
Yes 51(23.8%)
Did your weight go up or down more than 5 lbs.? n(%)
No 108(50.5%)
Yes 68(31.8%)
 Weight change (lbs.) mean (sd) 3.5(5)
Did you change your mind about the treatment you would pursue? n(%)
No 149(69.6%)
Yes 27(12.6%)
Did your treatment plans change because of financial considerations? n(%)
No 163(76.2%)
Yes 12(5.6%)
Who was your greatest support person during this pause? n(%)
partner 127(59.3%)
family member 30(14%)
self 10(4.7%)
friend 8(3.7%)
co-worker 2(0.9%)
therapist 2(0.9%)
What are you going to do now? n(%)
Continue with my original treatment plan 162(75.7%)
Move to another fertility clinic 8(3.7%)
Postpone treatment 8(3.7%)
 How hopeful were you about having a child before the pandemic? mean (sd) 4.1(1.1)
 How hopeful are you about having a child now? mean (sd) 3.9(1.2)
If such circumstances happen again, would you: n(%)
proceed with treatment if you could regardless of unknown risk 86(40.2%)
undecided 49(22.9%)
have a pause of several months to stay safe 43(20.1%)
 STAI Score mean (sd) 45(13.7)
 CDRISC 10 Score mean (sd) 28.2(5.9)
  1. aNote that that the denominator, n = 214, is based on the total number of patients who responded to the survey questions but not all survey questions were required. Totals do
  2. not equal 100% in each category as not all patients answered every survey question