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Table 3 COVID-19 experience of survey participantsa

From: Psychological experience and coping strategies of patients in the Northeast US delaying care for infertility during the COVID-19 pandemic

  n = 214
Were you required to shelter in place? n(%)
Yes 130(60.7%)
No 64(29.9%)
 How many weeks were you sheltered in place? mean (sd) 9.8(6)
 How many people besides you were sheltered in place? mean (sd) 1.5(1.1)
Where were you working primarily during your treatment pause? n(%)
At home 114(53.3%)
At a workplace outside the home 61(28.5%)
I was unemployed 19(8.9%)
 Physical Health - rank during pause mean (sd) 2.6(1.5)
 Mental Health - rank during pause mean (sd) 2.4(1.3)
 Strain on Relationship - rank during pause mean (sd) 3.6(1.5)
 Personal Safety - rank during pause mean (sd) 3(1.3)
 Financial Situation - rank during pause mean (sd) 3.7(1.4)
 Physical Health - rank currently mean (sd) 2.3(1.4)
 Mental Health - rank currently mean (sd) 2.4(1.3)
 Strain on Relationship - rank currently mean (sd) 3.8(1.5)
 Personal Safety - rank currently mean (sd) 2.9(1.3)
 Financial Situation - rank currently mean (sd) 3.8(1.3)
Did you develop CV-19 symptoms during your pause of treatment? n(%)
No 176(82.2%)
Yes 19(8.9%)
Did you test positive for CV-19 during your treatment pause? n(%)
No 185(86.4%)
Yes 10(4.7%)
Were you hospitalized for CV-19 during your pause of treatment? n(%)
No 193(90.2%)
Yes 1(0.5%)
Did your employment change (furloughed, reduced hours, lost job)? n(%)
No 156(72.9%)
Yes 39(18.2%)
How did your fertility clinic inform you about changes in your care? n(%)
Phone call from nurse 56(26.2%)
Message on medical record (EMR) portal 43(20.1%)
Phone call from physician 38(17.8%)
Email 19(8.9%)
I wasn’t informed by the clinic 17(7.9%)
Phone call from other 11(5.1%)
I did not know there was national guidance 8(3.7%)
U.S. Postal Service 1(0.5%)
Did you feel part of the treatment decision making? n(%)
No 125(58.4%)
Yes 68(31.8%)
How did you feel about taking a pause? n(%)
frustrated but understood 84(39.3%)
  understood due to the unknown risks to me and office staff 44(20.6%)
understood due to the unknown risks to me 35(16.4%)
frustrated/angry but resolved over time 19(8.9%)
frustrated and angry which persists today 8(3.7%)
other 4(1.9%)
 How stressful was this pause from your fertility journey? mean (sd) 3.4(1.3)
Compare the stress of the pause in your treatment to a previous life event? n(%)
none of the above 83(38.8%)
changing jobs 29(13.6%)
illness of a close family member 28(13.1%)
to moving your residence 21(9.8%)
pregnancy loss 19(8.9%)
death of a close family member 9(4.2%)
loss of a child 1(0.5%)
Did your fertility clinic offer you mental health support services? n(%)
No 120(56.1%)
Not sure 56(26.2%)
Yes 18(8.4%)
Did you seek mental health assistance while your treatment was delayed? n(%)
No 162(75.7%)
Yes 32(15%)
If so, did you find it to be helpful? n(%)
Yes 28(13.1%)
No 4(1.9%)
  1. aNote that that the denominator, n = 214, is based on the total number of patients who responded to the survey questions but not all survey questions were required. Totals do
  2. not equal 100% in each category as not all patients answered every survey question