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Table 1 The main roles of CR in uterus, pregnancy and reproductive-related diseases

From: Caloric restriction in female reproduction: is it beneficial or detrimental?

Authors Year Species Aspects Influence of CR
Elias et al. [78] 2007 Humans Uterus CR during puberty relates to irregular menses, and CR during childhood prolongs the time from menarche to regular menses.
Lumey et al. [79] 1998 Humans Pregnancy CR in early pregnancy triggers compensatory growth of placenta.
Roseboom et al. [80] 2006 Humans Pregnancy Prenatal CR gives lasting negative consequences to offspring’s health, especially in early gestation.
Harper et al. [81] 2015 Mice Pregnancy CR during early gestation makes placental alternations reversible, resulting in metabolically normal offspring.
Harrath et al. [82] 2017 Rats Pregnancy Female offspring exposed to prenatal CR have an early puberty onset and a short reproductive lifespan.
Yarde et al. [83] 2013 Humans Pregnancy No relationship between prenatal CR and reproductive activities of offspring.
Fenichel et al. [84] 2007 Humans Reproductive-related diseases CR develops hypothalamic amenorrhea.
Marzouk et al. [85] 2015 Humans Reproductive-related diseases CR alleviates the deleterious conditions of PCOS patients with obesity.
Lope et al. [86] 2019 Humans Reproductive-related diseases CR reduces the incidence of breast cancer
  1. Notes: CR caloric restriction, PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome