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Table 3 Predicted and experimentally validated targets of selected spermatogenesis-associated lncRNAs

From: Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in spermatogenesis and male infertility

lncRNA gene ID Global targets Functions Disease specific targets Reference
LINC00635 CENPBa, FAM98B, GOLGA6L1, GOLGA6L22, GOLGA6L6, MLYCD, MUC2, RP11-573D15.8, RPGR, SNX8 Cenpb−/− male mice were fertile but have low sperm content and testis weight.
FAM98A, FAM98B along with DDX1 and C14orf166 are required for PRMT1 expression (which is important for spermatogenesis).
The whole GOLGA6 family is highly expressed in testis.
Overexpression of Rpgr in transgenic mice has led to increased flagellar defects and reduced sperm count.
LINC00174 RP11-573D15.8, CTD-2095E4.4, GOLGA6L22, GOLGA6L6, RPGR, SNX8 TAZ-involved in cancer progression.
LINC00654 ABI2, FAM98B, GOLGA6L22, GOLGA6L6, RP11-573D15.8, RP3-323A16.1, RPGR, SNX8
LINC00710 ABI2, CCDC85C, FAM98B, RP11-573D15.8, RPGR, SNX8
LINC00226 CCDC85C, FAM98B, SNX8, TPM2, C00717C00720L.1 TPM2 was found to be up-regulated in cauda region as compared to caput/corpus region of human epididymis. [118]
LINC00326 C9orf152, FLJ35934, GNB5, LINC00940, GNB5 could play a role in acrosome biogenesis and vesicle trafficking. [119]
LINC00494 ABI2, EMC10, FAM98B, GOLGA6L22, GOLGA6L6, IGFN1, RP11-573D15.8, RPGR, SNX8
LINC00535 ABI2, FAM98B, SNX8
LINC00616 ABI2, CCDC85C, EMC10, FAM98B, MLYCD, PARVG, RP11-573D15.8, RP3-323A16.1, RPGR, SNX8
LINC00662 RP11-573D15.8 LIN28A- involved in cell metastasis and stemness in lung cancer.
LINC00668 ABI2, EMC10, KCNQ1OT1, MIR6820, RP11-573D15.8, RP3-323A16.1, RPGR, SNX8 KCNQ1OT1 is paternally expressed and plays a role in silencing of six genes Ascl2, Kcnq1, Cdkn1c, Slc22a18, Phlda2, and Osbpl5. CDKN2B, CDKN2A, CDKN1A, CDKN1B, CDKN1C, EZH2, SUZ12, VEGFA- involved in cancer progression and cell proliferation. [120]
LINC00467 RP3-323A16.1, RPGR
LINC00608 ABI2, EMC10, FAM98B, RP11-573D15.8, RP3-323A16.1, RPGR, SNX8
LINC00658 ABI2, AP006621.9, B3GALNT2, CCDC85C, FAM98B, RP11-573D15.8, RPGR, SNX8
  1. agene names in bold have known functions in spermatogenesis