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Table 2 The immunoassay methods and platforms used by to evaluate the proposed reference material for AMH, 16/190

From: Establishment of a WHO Reference Reagent for anti-Mullerian hormone

Access2 AMH immunoassay Beckman-Coulter (performed by two laboratories)
Advia Centaur XP AMH immunoassay Siemens
Architect i2000sr Tellgen Corporation
Auto Lumo A2000 plus AMH immunoassay Autobio Diagnostics Co Ltd
Caris200 AMH immunoassay Guangzhou Darui Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
CI1000 AMH immunoassay Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co.,Ltd.
CIA200 AMH immunoassay Taizhou Ze Cheng Biotechnology Co
CL2000i AMH immunoassay Shenzhen Mindray BioMedical Electronics Co Ltd.
Cobas e411 AMH immunoassay Roche (performed by two laboratories)
Cobas e801 AMH immunoassay Roche
Dxl AMH immunoassay Beckman Coulter
Gen II AMH ELISA Beckman Coulter
iFlash3000 Shenzhen YHLO Biotech Co. Ltd.
Maglumi 4000 plus AMH immunoassay SNIBE Co. Ltd.
MenoCheck picoAMH ELISA Ansh Labs
Unicell-S AMH immunochromatography assay Shenzhen YHLO Biotech Co. Ltd.
Union-CO718 AMH ELISA Shenzhen YHLO Biotech Co. Ltd.
Vidas 30 AMH fluorescence immunoassay bioMerieux
Vidas PC AMH fluorescence immunoassay bioMerieux
  1. The results from each method were assigned a code number which does not reflect the order of listing here