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Table 2 Reproductive outcomes of two study groups

From: Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist combined with hormone replacement therapy does not improve the reproductive outcomes of frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycle in elderly patients: a retrospective study

Reproductive outcome GnRHa-HRT HRT P value
Clinical pregnancy rate 33.58(90/268) 37.15(370/996) 0.2814
Ongoing pregnancy rate 19.40(52/268) 25.10(250/996) 0.0522
Abortion rate 45.56(41/90) 32.97(122/370) 0.0252*
Live birth rate 17.54(47/268) 24.10(240/996) 0.0229*
  1. Values are percentage (no./no.) of patients. *P < 0.05 for t test