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Table 1 Key recommendations

From: The 2019 PGDIS position statement on transfer of mosaic embryos within a context of new information on PGT-A

• Lacking clear evidence of efficacy in improving PGT-A outcomes and, indeed, raising concerns about causing possible adverse effects on outcomes in at least some patients, the procedure must be considered experimental.
• Consequently, PGT-A should only be selectively applied within study frameworks and with appropriate informed consent.
• PGT-A should be considered contraindicated in women with small embryo numbers.
• Considering existing evidence for high false-positive rates in describing embryos as chromosomal-abnormal by PGT-A, such embryos should no-longer automatically be disposed of but be maintained in cryopreservation, unless disposal is specifically requested by patients.
• Current knowledge which embryos, by PGT-A designated as chromosomal-abnormal, can be transferred under which outcome expectations, is insufficient, and should be a primary research target.