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Table 3 Patients with non-serious and serious ADRs in the total treated population (n = 463)

From: Effectiveness and safety of follitropin alfa (Ovaleap®) for ovarian stimulation using a GnRH antagonist protocol in real-world clinical practice: a multicenter, prospective, open, non-interventional assisted reproductive technology study

ADRsn (%)
Patient events
 Patients with non-serious ADRs, totala21 (4.5)
  OHSS16 (3.5)
  Uterine polyp2 (0.4)
  Progesterone increased1 (0.2)
  Secondary hypothyroidism1 (0.2)
  Tachycardia1 (0.2)
  Blighted ovum1 (0.2)
 Patients with serious ADRs, total19 (4.1)
  Miscarriage10 (2.2)
  OHSS7 (1.5)
  Ectopic pregnancy1 (0.2)
  Hyperemesis gravidarum1 (0.2)
Babies born events
 Patients with non-serious ADRs, total0
 Patients with serious ADRs, total1 (0.2)
  Hypoplastic left heart syndrome1 (0.2)
  1. ADR adverse drug reaction, OHSS ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  2. aOne patient experienced two non-serious ADRs (OHSS and uterine polyp)