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Table 5 Prevalence of primary and secondary study outcomes among cases and controls

From: Does body mass index impact assisted reproductive technology treatment outcomes in gestational carriers

Primary Outcomes (%) GCsControlsP Values
 Implantation Rate /embryos transferred 46.7727.78< 0.05
 Clinical Pregnancy Rate/transfers 60.6332.45< 0.05
 Miscarriage Rate/clinical pregnancy 15.7931.15< 0.05
 Live Birth Rate/embryos transferred 49.9153.74NS
Secondary Outcomes (%) GCsControlsP Values
 Pregnancy Complications/clinical pregnancy 7.8921.31< 0.05
 Fetal Complications/clinical pregnancy 3.5016.39< 0.05
 Mode of Delivery/deliveriesVaginal62.5028.58NS
 Birth Weight/live birthLBW23.5227.14NS
  1. LBW Low birth weight, LGA Large for gestational age