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Table 3 The effect of PGE2 treatment of in vitro oocyte maturation medium on the bovine embryo development and blastocyst morphological quality

From: Prostaglandin E2 affects in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes

TreatmentFertilized oocytes, nCleaved embryos, n (%)Blastocyst on Day 7, n (%)Qualities A and B, n (%)
control542442 (81.55)a146 (26.94)a122 (83.56)a
PGE2544448 (82.35)a170 (31.25)a162 (95.29)b
  P = 0.7527P = 0.1246P = 0.0006
  1. Proportion of the cleaved embryos on Day 2 and blastocysts on Day 7 of embryo culture relative to the total number of fertilized oocytes
  2. Proportion of qualities A and B of blastocysts relative to the total number of blastocysts
  3. P values determined by Fisher’s exact test
  4. a,b Different within each column