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Table 3 The counts (log10 plasmid gene copies/ml sperm; mean ± SD) of total bacteria and three common groups of bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae, Corynebacterium sp. and Staphylococcus sp., in study samples as revealed by qPCR

From: The complex microbiome from native semen to embryo culture environment in human in vitro fertilization procedure

Bacterial groupsSemenWashed spermIncubated spermIVF culture mediap
Total bacteria5.79 ± 0.44a,b,c5.17 ± 0.53a4.92 ± 0.36b4.85 ± 0.28ca,b,c p < 0.001
Enterobacteriaceae4.67 ± 0.89a,b3.92 ± 0.26a,c,d3.43 ± 0.31b,d3.95 ± 0.56ca p < 0.005
b,c p < 0.001
d p = 0.008
Corynebacterium sp.4.51 ± 0.67a,b,c3.78 ± 1.01a4.04 ± 0.35b3.36 ± 0.49ca,b,c p < 0.001
Staphylococcus sp.3.55 ± 0.33002.58NS
  1. a,b,c,d Indicate the compared pairs of values that resulted in statistically significant differences (p value less than 0.05, given in the last column)