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Fig. 7

From: The complex microbiome from native semen to embryo culture environment in human in vitro fertilization procedure

Fig. 7

The differences in the counts of Alphaproteobacteria (a) and Gammaproteobacteria (b); Enterobacteriaceae (qPCR) (c) and Corynebacterium sp. (qPCR) (d) in solutions with different embryo grades. The higher counts of Alphaproteobacteria (a) and Gammaproteobacteria (b) (454 pyrosequencing, mean + SD, OTU), in washed sperm, and Corynebacterium sp. (d) (qPCR, mean + SD, plasmid gene copies/ml sperm) in raw semen samples were found in patients with lower embryo quality (a, b, d). The mean proportion of Enterobacteriaceae (c) group (qPCR) in raw semen was higher in couples with better embryo quality (c)

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