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Fig. 5

From: The complex microbiome from native semen to embryo culture environment in human in vitro fertilization procedure

Fig. 5

Relative abundance of most frequent bacterial genera of microbial communities of different samples. Bar charts showing mean values of most abundant genera in semen washed and incubated sperm and IVF culture solution. Others: Streptococcus, Anaerococcus, Blautia, Fastidiosipila, Thermoanaerobacterium, Brevudimonas, Devosia, Msorhizobium, Variovorax, Acinetobacter and Mobiluncus. The most abundant genera of bacteria in the sperm before washing and IVF culture solution were Lactobacillus, followed by Incertae sedis XI, Staphylococcus and Prevotella in raw semen samples

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