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Fig. 1

From: Transvaginal ovarian drilling followed by controlled ovarian stimulation from the next day improves ovarian response for the poor responders with polycystic ovary syndrome during IVF treatment: a pilot study

Fig. 1

Illustration of the ovarian stimulation protocol in poor responders and in high/normal responders with PCOS. a: Maximum gonadotropin dose used in their own previous canceled cycles was selected as the starting gonadotropin dose. b: Ovarian stimulation was performed from the next day after TVOD at the same gonadotropin dose previously used for each individual patient. c: The starting gonadotropin dose was determined based on the age, AFC, FSH and estrogen levels and BMI. d: The gonadotropin dose (from 150 IU/d to 450 IU/d) was adjusted after day 5 of stimulation, depending on the ovarian response, as assessed by the estrogen levels and ultrasound records

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