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Table 3 The multivariable analysis among clinical parameters and the level of HOMA-IR

From: The relationship between vitamin D and insulin resistance before delivery in advanced maternal age

VariablesUnstandardized coefficients βSEStandardized coefficients βtP-value95 CI % for β
Age at menarche (years)−0.4900.233−0.259−2.1000.039*−0.955 to − 0.024
Vitamin D concentration
 Non-deficiency−1.2890.568−0.245−2.2710.026*−2.422 to −0.156
Constant15.4566.6982.3080.024*2.091 to 28.821
  1. Data were analyzed by multivariable linear regression using Enter variables. (inclusion variables including Age; Education; Pre-pregnancy body mass index; Age at menarche; Parity; Abortion; TG; TC; LDL-c; HDL-c and Vitamin D concentrations)
  2. Abbreviation: TG Triglyceride, TC Total cholesterol, LDL-c Low density lipoprotein-cholesterol, HDL-c High density lipoprotein-cholesterol. Vitamin D concentration was stratified into Deficiency (< 20 ng/mL) group and Non-deficiency (≥20 ng/mL) group
  3. *Statistically significant P-value < 0.05