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Table 2 Clinical Characteristics of participants in the two groups

From: The relationship between vitamin D and insulin resistance before delivery in advanced maternal age

CharacteristicsVitamin D deficiency (n = 40)Vitamin D Non-deficiency (n = 40)P-value
Gestational weeks (week)39(38.25–39.75)39(38–39)0.237
Fasting blood glucose (mmol/L)4.50(4.20–4.97)4.35(4.06–4.75)0.142
Fasting insulin (mIU/mL)14.70(8.76–34.65)10.89(7.15–16.12)0.031*
TG (mmol/L)3.81(3.11–5.44)3.80(2.92–4.99)0.690
TC (mmol/L)6.40 ± 1.276.20 ± 1.080.452
LDL-c (mmol/L)3.21 ± 0.933.07 ± 0.720.551
HDL-c (mmol/L)1.96 ± 0.332.01 ± 0.380.442
Vitamin D (ng/mL)15.95(14.15–17.30)27.08(22.73–32.01)< 0.001*
  1. Data are presented as n (%), mean ± SD or median (interquartile range) as appropriate
  2. Abbreviations: HOMA-IR HOMA-insulin resistance, HOMA-β HOMA beta-cell function, HOMA-s% HOMA-insulin sensitivity, TG Triglyceride, TC Total cholesterol, LDL-c Low density lipoprotein-cholesterol, HDL-c High density lipoprotein-cholesterol