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Table 1 Studies on factors regulating steroid synthesis in eutopic endometrium during ovarian endometriosisa

From: An assessment of the multifactorial profile of steroid-metabolizing enzymes and steroid receptors in the eutopic endometrium during moderate to severe ovarian endometriosis

Reference [No.]Type of endometriosis [sample type and size]Major technique(s) employedSalient observations
Noble et al., 1997 [14]OE [CE (n = 7), EE (n = 2), EC (n = 4)]Biochemical assay, qRTPCRLow basal activity in EE but not reported for CE. Details of fertility status and phase of cycle was not provided.
Velasco et al., 2006 [15]PE, OE [CE (n = 12), EE (n = 54), EC (n = 61)]IHCNo immunopositive aromatase detected in CE and EE, while 61% of EC samples showed aromatase activity. Higher in secretory phase and in severe stage. No combinatorial analysis done. No details of fertility history was provided.
Aghajanova et al., 2009 [16]PE, OE, DIE [CE (n = 13, EE (n = 29)]qRTPCR, IHCAromatase mRNA expression was 14.5-fold upregulated, with no change in STAR, CYP11A1,HSD3B1, 2, CYP17A1 and HSD17B1, 2 in EE as compared to CE during mid-secretory phase of cycle. Fertility status was undefined.
Colette et al.,2009 [17]OE, PE, RV [CE (n = 10), EE_EC (n = 56)]IHC, WB in CE, EE and EC during both phases of menstrual cycleAromatase mRNA and protein were not detectable cycle. Perls’ stainb positive siderophages were immunopositive for aromatase. Fertility history was not reported.
Delvoux et al., 2009 [18]OE, DIE, SE [CE (n = 20), EE_EC (n = 14)]Biochemical assay, HPLCAromatase activity was not detected in any tissue.No difference in reductive-oxidative activities of 17β-HSDs between CE and EE was observed. Details of menstrual cycle phase and fertility history were not reported.
Noel et al., 2011 [19]PE, OE, DIE[CE (n = 16), EE_EC (n = 72)]IHC. No details of stages of endometriosis, phases of menstrual cycleNo immunoreactivity of SF-1 was observed in EE. No details of stages of endometriosis, phases of cycle and fertility history was provided.
Huhtinen et al. 2012 [12]PE, OE, DIE
[CE (n = 11), EE (n = 17),
EC (n = 18)]
qRTPCRGenerally, very low expression levels for mRNAs of CYP19A1 and HSD17B1, while high expression levels for HSD17B2, more during secretory phase, was detected in CE and EE with no difference between the groups. No details of stages of endometriosis and fertility history was provided.
  1. astudies which did not (i) mention specifically the types of endometriosis, (ii) include CE as well as EE samples, (iii) include OE samples, were not selected
  2. bPerls’ Prussian blue stain for ferritin. CE Control endometrium, DIE Deep infiltrating endometriosis, EC Ectopic lesion, EE Eutopic endometrium, EE_EC Autologous eutopic and ectopic tissues, HPLC High performance liquid chromatography, IHC Immunohistochemistry, OE Ovarian endometriosis, PE Peritoneal endometriosis, qRTPCR quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, RV Rectovaginal endometriosis, SE Scar endometriosis, WB Western blotting