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Table 3 Key findings of the stepwise scientometric analysis of publications on SDF

From: Tracking research trends and hotspots in sperm DNA fragmentation testing for the evaluation of male infertility: a scientometric analysis

StepsKey findings
Step 1Increased trend in publications on SDF over the past 20 years
Step 2Increased number of articles reporting the association between SDF and male infertility
Step 3SDF research was mainly focused on lifestyle, varicocele and asthenozoospermia while less investigated in association with testicular cancer, globozoospermia and hypogonadism
Step 4Majority of the mechanistic studies were based on oxidative stress and the number of publications on mechanistic studies of SDF was twice as much as prognostic/diagnostic studies
Step 5TUNEL assay was the most widely used technique to assess SDF
Step 6Significant increase in publication trends of SDF-based ART studies