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Table 2 Secondary Antibodies and Dilutions Used

From: Molecular analysis of the effects of steroid hormones on mouse meiotic prophase I progression

Secondary AntibodyCompanyCatalog #Species Made InDilution
Alexa Fluor 488 Donkey Anti-GoatMolecular Probes/InvitrogenA11055Donkey1:200
Alexa Fluor 488 Donkey Anti-RatMolecular Probes/InvitrogenA21208Donkey1:200
Alexa Fluor 488 Goat Anti-MouseMolecular Probes/InvitrogenA11029Goat1:200
Alexa Fluor 488 Goat Anti-RabbitMolecular Probes/InvitrogenA11008Goat1:200
Alexa Fluor 568 Donkey Anti-GoatMolecular Probes/InvitrogenA11057Donkey1:200
Alexa Fluor 568 Goat Anti-MouseMolecular Probes/InvitrogenA11004Goat1:200