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Table 2 Endometrial thickness on day of progesterone administration/embryo transfer according endometrial change ratio

From: The impact of endometrial thickness change after progesterone administration on pregnancy outcome in patients transferred with single frozen-thawed blastocyst

 Endometrial change ratio< −20%−20%~ − 10%−10%-~ 000~10%10%~ 20%>  20%
EP cycleNo.35139171542139424307
Age (year)30.7730.6130.6830.6130.5530.330.11
Thickness on dPA (mm)10.89.6610.229.339.968.928.77
Thickness on dET (mm)7.968.259.369.3310.6910.0111.36
NC cycleNo.34135181431129231193
Age (year)31.4432.0531.8331.6631.2131.1631.59
Thickness on dPA (mm)12.7610.8811.0710.3111.049.239.19
Thickness on dET (mm)9.289.1710.1410.3111.9110.3811.84
  1. EP estrogen-progesterone, NC natural cycle, dPA day of progesterone administration, dET day of embryo transfer; Endometrial change ratio = (Thickness on dET- Thickness on dPA)/ Thickness on dPA*100%