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Table 4 Clinical outcomes between the oocyte retrieval difficulty group and the control group

From: The impact of follicle-flushing during oocyte collection on embryo development of in-vitro fertilization

 Difficulty groupcontrolP Value
Embryo transfer cycles69980 
Fresh embryo transfer cycles/oocyte retrieval cycles69/133980/15810.026
Cycles having extra embryo cryopreservation53/69941/9800.00
Mean embryos transferred1.80 ± 0.411.82 ± 0.38 
Endometrial thickness(mm) in ET day9.80 ± 1.709.81 ± 1.530.959
Embryo implantation rate66/124 (53.2%)1046/1782(58.7%)0232
Pregnancy rate52/69 (75.4%)715/980 (73.0%)0.663
Spontaneous miscarriages329 
(% per pregnancy, before 12 weeks)(5.8)(4.1)0.551
Spontaneous miscarriages316 
(% per pregnancy, after 12 weeks)(5.8)(2.2)0.114
live birth rate46/69(66.7%)670/980(68.4%)0.769
  1. Note: Values are mean (±SD) unless otherwise indicated