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Table 2 Effect of in vitro treatment on percentage of motile sperm, track speed (VCL) and oxygen consumption

From: In vitro effect of nerve growth factor on the main traits of rabbit sperm

 Motility rate %VCL μm/secΔ nmoli O2/min
 C76.0 b232.5 b5.96 a
 NGF88.2 c255.2 c6.26 b
 NGF + aTrKA60.2 a233.2 b6.58 b
 NGF + ap75NTR72.2 b215.4 a5.98 a
 Pooled SE5.215.20.3
  1. Samples were diluted with TALP/BSA (C) or with 100 ng/mL NGF (NGF); 100 ng/mL NGF + 32 μg/mL aTrKA (NGF + aTrKA); 100 ng/mL NGF + 1.5 μg/mL ap75NTR (NGF + ap75NTR). Different letters in the same column(a..c) means: P < 0.05