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Fig. 1

From: In vitro effect of nerve growth factor on the main traits of rabbit sperm

Fig. 1

Protein expression and localization of TrKA and p75NTR receptors in ejaculated rabbit sperm. (a-d) Immunoblot of TrKA (a) and p75NTR (b). IP for TrKA (c) and p75NTR (d). ID 34, ID 68 and ID 69 are different sperm samples. (e) FSC/SSC dot plot obtained from a semen sample. A “flame-shaped region” (R1) is established to exclude debris, large cells and aggregates. (f) Right panel TrKA and p75NTR signals were recorded in the FL2-H and FL1-H channels, respectively. The upper left quadrant represents the TrKA-single positive cells, the upper right quadrant represents the TrKA/p75NTR-double positive cells, the lower left quadrant represents the double negative cells, and the lower right quadrant represents the p75NTR-single positive cells. (g-l) Immunolocalization of TrKA (g) and p75NTR (i) receptors in rabbit sperm. Fluorescent micrograph (g, i) and contrast phase (h, l) of sperm treated with anti-TrKA and anti-p75NTR antibody. Secondary antibodies are conjugated with Alexa Fluor 488 (green). Nuclei are counterstained with DAPI (blue). The images are representative of 3 separate experiments

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