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Table 3 Clinical outcomes of FET cycles

From: Progestin-primed ovarian stimulation vs mild stimulation in women with advanced age above 40: a retrospective cohort study

VariablesMild stimulationPPOSp value
Number of thawed cycles5618 
Number of transferred embryos at different stage  0.134
Number of Cleavage-stage embryo transferred-no. (%)34(60.7%)11(61.1%)/
Number of Blastocyst transferred-no. (%)18(32.1%)3(16.7%)/
Number of Cleavage-stage and Blastocyst embryo transferred-no. (%)4(7.1%)4(22.2%)/
Endometrial thickness (mm)9.78 ± 1.939.00 ± 1.970.140
Clinical Pregnancy rate - no. (%)7(12.5%)3 (16.7%)0.697