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Fig. 2 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Fig. 2

From: Knockdown of vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 impedes transforming growth factor beta 1-mediated proliferation, migration, and invasion of endometriotic cyst stromal cells

Fig. 2

Silencing of TGF-β1 inhibits the proliferation of endometriotic cyst stromal cells. a Western blot analysis of TGF-β1 expression showed the reduced protein expression level of TGF-β1 in si-TGF-β1-transfected endometriotic cyst stromal cells. Endometriotic cyst stromal cells were transfected with si-TGF-β1 or si-NC, followed by CCK-8 assay (b) and EdU assay (c). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, and **P < 0.001

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