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Table 3 Adjusted odds ratio of blastomere movement type for embryonic development and pregnancy outcomes

From: Blastomere movement post first cell division correlates with embryonic compaction and subsequent blastocyst formation

Outcome Movement type Adjusted odds ratio (95% CI) P value
Expanded blastocysta Bouncing Reference
Wobbling 0.763 (0.526–1.112) 0.1584
Twist-and-crumble 0.476 (0.339–0.668) < 0.0001
Ongoing pregnancyb Bouncing Reference
Wobbling 1.182 (0.701–1.993) 0.5316
Twist-and-crumble 1.514 (0.799–2.342) 0.1505
Live birthb Bouncing Reference
Wobbling 1.303 (0.598–2.838) 0.5048
Twist-and-crumble 1.295 (0.566–2.967) 0.5405
  1. Notes: aConfounding factors: female age, male age, and body mass index. bConfounding factors: female age, male age, body mass index, number of previous embryo transfer cycles, and blastocyst morphological grade. Abbreviations: CI confidence interval