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Table 2 Equine follicular fluid proteins distribution across four reproductive seasons

From: Seasonal variation in equine follicular fluid proteome

Reproductive seasons Number of unique proteins NCBI/ENSEMBL accession numbers
SAN/SOV/SUM/FOV 52 ENSECAP00000007499 XP_001498388 XP_001489154 XP_003365492 XP_001504386 XP_014588282 XP_001502426 NP_001075422 XP_014596181 XP_003363176 XP_001500552 NP_001075379 XP_005605480 XP_005601929 XP_005602671 XP_001499389 XP_005611649 XP_005612174 NP_001304178 ENSECAP00000010483 XP_014594947 XP_001488384 XP_014593946 XP_005600608 XP_001497860 NP_001075415 XP_001916967 XP_001492943 NP_001075972 XP_001499173 XP_001502503 XP_001496277 XP_001492602 ENSECAP00000017379 NP_001075413 ENSECAP00000012479 ENSECAP00000014609 ENSECAP00000012399 XP_001915589 XP_001489797 XP_001503846 XP_003364583 XP_001490892 ENSECAP00000013972 XP_001914833 XP_014585351 XP_001492576 XP_001489400 XP_001495232 XP_014593950 ENSECAP00000009723 XP_001504173
SAN/SOV/SUM 3 NP_001333128 XP_001488181 XP_001488234
SAN/SOV/FOV 2 NP_001075419 NP_001093235
SAN/SUM/FOV 2 XP_005607860 XP_014593981
SOV/SUM/FOV 4 NSECAP00000018005 NP_001137426 NP_001075389 XP_001501882
SAN/FOV 3 NP_001333146 NP_001333133 ENSECAP00000017139
SOV/SUM 2 NP_001333066 XP_005605484
SOV/FOV 6 XP_014591249 NP_001075249 XP_005601424 XP_001491754 XP_001493453 NP_001075420
SUM/FOV 3 NP_001075378 XP_001496318 NP_001108005
SAN 1 NP_001333005
SOV 3 XP_001504484 XP_001504447 ENSECAP00000013036
SUM 3 XP_005599640 XP_005605481 NP_001271464 XP_001917127
FOV 6 ENSECAP00000012950 NP_001157490 XP_001499312 NP_001108630 XP_001492582 XP_014592983
  1. There were no shared proteins among the following groups: SAN/SOV and SAN/SU. SAN spring anovulatory, SOV spring ovulatory, SUM summer, FOV fall ovulatory