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Fig. 9 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Fig. 9

From: Physiological and anatomical aspects of the reproduction of mice with reduced Syndecan-1 expression

Fig. 9

Comparison of the sperm abnormalities observed between Sdc1+/− and WT males. a Spermatozoa with head-acrosome-, midpiece- and tail-deficiencies were observed opposed to the normal ones. Spermatozoa with more than one defect were not assigned to one of these categories (Sdc1+/−/WT males: n = 28/24; all mice sexually matured: 6–12 months; technical repeats: n = 2; number of spermatozoa counted: n = 100; P < 0.05; chi square test). b-e Representative photos of the observed abnormalities (bar = 8 μm, normal spermatozoon (b), spermatozoon with head (c), acrosome (d) or tail (e) defect)

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