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Fig. 3 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Fig. 3

From: Possible involvement of the RARRES2/CMKLR1-system in metabolic and reproductive parameters in Holstein dairy cows

Fig. 3

Plasma RARRES2 profile in primiparous dairy cow fed either with high-energy (HE) or low-energy (LE) diets. Analysis of plasma RARRES2 concentrations at −4, 1, 4, 8 and 16 wk. peripartum of dairy cows fed either with high-energy (HE, n = 6 or 8) or low-energy (LE, n = 6 or 8) was performed by ELISA. Results are represented as LSM ± SEM. When we observed a significant effect of the week without effect of the diet we represented difference with capital letter while when we observed a significant effect of the week and of the diet we represented separately the differences with low case letters for LE (bold) and HE (pale) cows. P-values were considered significant if P < 0.05

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