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Fig. 2

From: Possible involvement of the RARRES2/CMKLR1-system in metabolic and reproductive parameters in Holstein dairy cows

Fig. 2

Expression of RARRES2 and CMKLR1 mRNA in SAT and GC in lactating cows. Analysis of RARRES2 (a) and CMKLR1 (b) mRNAs expression in SAT at 4, 8, 20 and 44 wk. pp. was performed by qRT-PCR (n = 9). We also measured the expression of RARRES2 (c and e) and CMKLR1 (d and f) mRNA in GC from different seize of follicles collected randomly in a slaughterhouse (c and d) and in GC from small follicle collected on the same animals as for SAT at 4, 8, 20 and 44 wk. pp. in lactating cows (n = 9). Results are represented as LSM ± SEM and different letters indicate significant differences at P < 0.05

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