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Table 1 The information for primary and secondary antibodies

From: LIPOPHAGY: a novel form of steroidogenic activity within the LEYDIG cell during the reproductive cycle of turtle

  Species Catalog No. Dilution Source
Primary antibodies
 Vimentin Rabbit Bs-0756R 1:100 Bioss ANTIBODIES
 3Beta-HSD Rabbit A1823 1:100 ABclonol Technology
 LAMP1 Rabbit 55,273–1-AP 1:100 Proteintech
 ATG7 Rabbit 10,088–2-AP 1:100 Proteintech
 LC3 Rabbit 12,135–1-AP 1:100 Proteintech
 P62 Rabbit 51,145 1:100 Cell Signaling Technology
Secondary antibodies
 AlexaFlour 488 Gaot anti-rabbit IgG FMS-RBaf48801 1:100 FCMACS
 Anti-rabbit igG KIT-5004/5/6   MXB Biotechnology