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Table 2 miRNAs, target genes and their functions in GC apoptosis and follicular atresia

From: MicroRNAs in ovarian follicular atresia and granulosa cell apoptosis

miRNA Species Target Function Reference
let-7 g porcine MAP3K1 promotes GC apoptosis [61]
let-7 g porcine TGFBR1 promotes GC apoptosis [58]
miR-10b goat BDNF suppresses GC proliferation [118]
miR-15a human unknown promotes release of progesterone and testosterone [91]
miR-21 mouse unknown inhibits apoptosis, increases ovulation rate [119]
miR-22 mouse Sirt1 inhibits GC apoptosis [120]
miR-23a human SMAD5 promotes GC apoptosis [78, 121]
miR-26b porcine ATM promotes GC apoptosis [42]
miR-26b porcine SMAD4 promotes GC apoptosis [64]
miR-26b porcine HAS2 promotes GC apoptosis [122]
miR-27a human SMAD5 promotes GC apoptosis [78]
miR-34a porcine INHBB promotes GC apoptosis [123]
miR-34c porcine unknown proapoptotic and antiproliferative factor [124]
miR-92a porcine SMAD7 inhibits GC apoptosis [65]
miR-93 human CDKN1A promotes GC proliferation [125]
miR-106a human apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) reduces GC viability and promotes apoptosis [111]
miR-125a-5p mouse Stat3 promotes GC apoptosis [126]
miR-126* porcine FSHR promotes AR-induced GC apoptosis [127]
miR-146a human IRAK1/TRAF6 promotes GC apoptosis [128]
miR-181b porcine SMAD7 inhibits GC apoptosis [67]
miR-182 rat Smad7 inhibits GC apoptosis [66]
miR-224 mouse Smad4 inhibits GC proliferation and E2 release [63]
miR-320 mouse E2f1/Sf-1 inhibits E2 synthesis and GC proliferation [129]
miR-378-3p bovine PGR inhibits GC differentiation [130]
miR-378 porcine CYP19A1 decreases E2 production [88]
miR-383 mouse Rbms1 enhances E2 release from GCs [131]
miR-503/322/351 Cluster mouse Autophagy/Mitophagy-Associated Genes reduces of mitochondrial activity in GC [132]
miR-764-3p mouse Sf-1 decreases steroidogenesis [89]
miR-1275 porcine LRH-1 represses E2 synthesis [50]