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Table 1 miRNA profile studies carried out in mammalian ovaries

From: MicroRNAs in ovarian follicular atresia and granulosa cell apoptosis

Tissue Species Description Method Reference
Ovary bovine foetal ovary miRNA seq [95]
sheep early/mid-gestational foetal ovary PCR array [96]
mouse newborn ovary small RNA seq [97]
mouse newborn ovary microarray [46]
mouse 2-week-old/adult ovary small RNA seq [98]
mouse adult ovary small RNA seq [99]
bovine adult ovary miRNA seq [100]
bovine adult testicular and ovarian tissues of Holstein cattle miRNA seq [101]
porcine adult ovary and testis miRNA seq [102]
sheep ovaries of sheep under different nutritional status small RNA seq [103]
human adult ovary small RNA seq [104]
mouse ovaries of mice with/without cigarette smoke exposure microarray [105]
Follicle bovine during follicular development microarray [43]
goat multi/uniparous goat ovary miRNA seq [106]
sheep growing/preovulatory follicles/corpora lutea miRNA seq [45]
porcine healthy/early atretic/progressed atretic follicles microarray [42]
COC bovine COCs during late oogenesis miRNA seq [107]
Oocyte human oocytes during meiosis microarray [108]
GCs human cumulus GCs from women with and without PCOS miRNA seq [109]
human GCs from exogenous gonadotropins hyperresponders/normal responders microarray [110]
human GCs and serum from normal cycling and DOR women microarray [111]
mouse GCs from mice before and after an ovulatory dose of hCG treatment microarray [112]
bovine GCs of subordinate/dominant follicles miRNA seq [48]
bovine GCs of large/small follicles microarray [47]
Follicular fluid human PCOS patients and healthy controls small RNA seq & PCR array [113]
human PCOS patients and healthy controls PCR array [114]
human follicular fluid compares with plasma PCR array [115]
EV bovine EV from small/medium/large follicles small RNA seq [44]
bovine EV from GCs, COCs and their EVs PCR array [116]
Serum human serum from PCOS patients with IGM/NGT and healthy controls PCR array [117]
human serum from POF/normal women microarray [60]
  1. Note: COC represents cumulus-oocyte complexes, EV represents extracellular vesicles