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Table 1 Examples of products that contain BPA, phthalates and PFAS

From: Water and soil pollution as determinant of water and food quality/contamination and its impact on female fertility

Examples of products containing BPA [14, 15]
 Toilet papers Envelopes
 Plastic bottles Printer ink
 Food cans Processed foods
 Toys Cell phones
 Dental fillings CDs, DVDs
 Medical devices Paint
Examples of products containing phthalates [37]
 Adhesives Soap
 Detergents Shampoo
 Lubricating oils Lotions
 Pharmaceuticals Nail polish
 Solvents Plastics
 Flooring Medical devices
Examples of products containing PFAS [63, 64]
 Lubricants Pizza boxes
 Paints Shampoo
 Cosmetics Dental floss
 Firefighting foams Nail polish
 Food wrappers and containers Nonstick cookware
 Microwave popcorn bags Carpets
Contaminated food, water and air
Red meat, shellfish, eggs and packed snack food