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Table 2 The summary of NPP family in the follicle

From: The art of oocyte meiotic arrest regulation

Ligand Coding Gene Receptor Oocyte Mural Granulosa cell Cumulus granulosa cell Others deficiency
ANP NPPA (Natriuretic Peptide Precursor A) NPR1 NPR3 Pig [112]; Pig [112]; Rat [112] Bovine [71]; Goat [113] Pig follicular fluid [112]; Bovine corpora lutea [114]  
BNP NPPB (Natriuretic Peptide Precursor B) NPR1 NPR3   Goat [113] Goat [113]   
CNP NPPC (Natriuretic Peptide Precursor C) NPR2 NPR3   Mice [62, 72]; Pig [64, 108]; Human [65]; Goat [113]; Cat [109]. Bovine [71]; Goat [113] Human follicular fluid [65] Precocious meiosis resumption [111]