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Table 1 Basic information of the included studies comparing open versus closed vitrification on oocytes and embryos

From: Open versus closed vitrification system of human oocytes and embryos: a systematic review and meta-analysis of embryologic and clinical outcomes

Authors, Country (Year) Study period Study type Participant No. of cycles and oocytes/embryos thawed Outcomes Funding Overall quality assessment
Study (Closed) Control (Open)
Kuwayama et al. (2005), Japan NM Prospective Embryo 88 embryos 227 embryos CsR; CPR; LBR None declared Moderate risk
Chen et al. (2013), China 2010.04–2012.05 Retrospective Embryo 226 cycles; 308 embryos 106 cycles; 150 embryos CsR; IR; CaR; CPR; OPR; MR; LBR; BB; MR Yes Low risk
Panagiotidis et al. (2013), Greece 2009.06–2011.09 Prospective Embryo 224 cycles; 513 embryos 208 cycles; 492 embryos CsR; PβR; IR; CaR; CPR; OPR; MR; LBR; BB; MR None declared Low risk
Desai et al. (2013), America 2011.01–2012.08 Retrospective Embryo 95 cycles; 184 embryos 161 cycles; 302 embryos CsR; IR; CaR; CPR; OPR; MR; LBR; BB; MR None declared Low risk
Hashimoto et al. (2013), Japan 2011.07–2012.09 Prospective Embryo 100 embryos 163 embryos CsR; IR; OPR Yes Moderate risk
Roy et al., Australia (2014) NM Prospective Embryo 23 embryos 13 embryos CsR; OPR Yes Serious risk
Iwahata et al. (2015), Japan 2011.11–2013.12 Retrospective Embryo 302 cycles; 313 embryos 539 cycles; 561 embryos CsR; IR; CPR; MR; LBR; MR None declared Low risk
Paffoni et al. (2011), Italy 2007.06–2009.04 Retrospective Oocyte/embryo 51 cycles; 261 MII oocytes/87 embryos 53 cycles; 268 MII oocytes/116 embryos CsR; IR; FR; ClR; GQER; CPR; LBR None declared Low risk
Papatheodorou et al. (2013), Greece 2007.02–2010.12 Prospective Oocyte 598 MII oocytes 608 MII oocytes CsR; FR; ClR; GQER; PβR; IR; CPR; MR; OPR; LBR None declared Low risk
De Munck et al. (2016), Belgium 2014.01–2015.07 Prospective Oocyte/embryo 253 MII oocytes 257 MII oocytes CsR; FR; GQER; PβR; MR; OPR No funding Low risk
Gook et al. (2016), Australia 2012.06–2015.06 Prospective Oocyte 39 MII oocytes 79 MII oocytes CsR None declared Serious risk
Sarandi et al. (2016), France 2014.11–2015.05 Prospective Oocyte 96 GV/MI oocytes 118 GV/MI oocytes CsR None declared Serious risk
  1. Notes: The ROBINS-I tool was used for quality assessment of observational studies. BB babies born per transferred blastocysts, CaR cancellation rate, CBS Cryo Bio System, ClR cleavage rate, CPR clinical pregnancy rate, CsR cryosurvival rate, FR fertilization rate, GQER good quality embryo rate, HSV high security straws, IR implantation rate, LBR: live birth rate, MBR multiple birth rate, MR miscarriage rate, NM not mentioned, OPR ongoing pregnancy rate, PβR positive βHCG rate