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Table 1 Infertility-related questionnaires exploring patients’ self-reported measures. Questionnaires are characterized by different domains and items and the targeted population

From: Lifestyle and fertility: the influence of stress and quality of life on female fertility

Questionnaire Items and domains Target population
Infertility Questionnaire Self-esteem Infertile patients
Infertility Reaction Scale Duration of infertility Infertile couples who enter an ART treatment program
Degree of social support effect of infertility on sexual relationship
Expected likelihood of achieving pregnancy
Anticipation of stress during treatment
Self-rating scale of emotional reactions to infertility
Fertility Problem Inventory Social concern Patients seeking for infertility treatment
Sexual concern
Relationship concern
Need for parenthood
Rejection of childfree lifestyle
SCREENIVF State of anxiety Women and men undergoing infertility treatment cycle
State of depression
Lack of acceptance
Perceived social support
Fertility Problems Stress Inventory Depression Infertile or presumed infertile couples
Sexual dissatisfaction
Infertility Feelings Questionnaire Adults’ cognitive appraisals of infertility Patients
Daily Record-keeping Sheet Negative emotional reactions Women about to begin a trial of ART
Physical reactions
Psychologic evaluation test after ART Emotional reactions Women submitted to ART
Concerns about reproductive technologies Medical aspects Women submitted to ART
Difficulty with infertility and its treatment The uncertainty and lack of control Women undergoing evaluation and treatment of fertility problems
Family and social pressures
Impact on self and spouse
treatment-induced problems
treatment-related procedures
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Quality of Life Emotions Women with PCOS
Body hair
Menstrual problems
Endometriosis Health Profile-30 Pain Support group of patients
Emotional well-being
Social support
Sexual intercourse
Relationship with children
Feelings about the medical profession, treatment, and infertility
Fertility Quality of Life Items that assess core and treatment-related quality of life People with fertility problems
Items that assess the overall life
Items that assess physical health