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Fig. 1

From: Expression of transcriptional factor EB (TFEB) in differentiating spermatogonia potentially promotes cell migration in mouse seminiferous epithelium

Fig. 1

Expression of TFEB in mouse testes during development. a-b Western blot and quantitative PCR detection of TFEB in 1-, 7-, 14-, 21-, 30- and 60-day-old testes, showed a rapid increase in TFEB levels between 7- and 14-day-old testes. Quantitative PCR detection of Kit to confirm the spermatogenetic cell development. Error bars represent SD (n = 5). **p < 0.01. c Immunohistochemical staining of TFEB in 3-, 7-, 14- and 60-day-old testes sections, showed TFEB expression was little stained in 3- and 7-day testes and significantly positive stained in 14- and 60-day testes. Arrows indicate the staining of TFEB in nucleus. Bar: 50 μm or 20 μm

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