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Fig. 5 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Fig. 5

From: Alleviation of endoplasmic reticulum stress protects against cisplatin-induced ovarian damage

Fig. 5

Effects of 4-PBA and 3-MA on ovarian function in CDDP-treated mice. a Granulosa cell apoptosis in ovarian sections from each group was measured by fluorescent TUNEL staining. Green fluorescences indicate TUNEL-positive apoptotic cells (red arrow). The level of apoptosis is present as the total number of apoptotic granulosa cell on five sections (taken 100 μm apart) from an ovary. Scale bars =40 μm. b Quantification of TUNEL-positive apoptotic cells in each group. c Plasma E2 and FSH levels by ELISA in mice with indicated treatment for 7 days. d Immunoblotting of the protein levels of ERS-, autophagy- and apoptosis-related proteins in each group. Protein extractions were from mice with indicated treatment for 7 days. n = 5, * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01

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