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Table 2 The SNPs that were genotyped for this study

From: Associations between the maternal circulating lipid profile in pregnancy and fetal imprinted gene alleles: a cohort study

Gene No. of SNPs Single nucleotide polymorphisms
DLK1 5 rs12147008, rs7155375, rs10139403, rs1802710, rs7147586
FAM99A* 7 rs4752779, rs4752781, rs11600502, rs10839220, rs11607954, rs1489945, rs7131362
GNAS 20 rs6123832, rs965808, rs6128441, rs6026561, rs6026560, rs12625436, rs4810148, rs7271854, rs6100260, rs6026576, rs6128461, rs6123837, rs13831, rs234630, rs919196, rs3730168, rs919197, rs7121, rs234623, rs234621
GRB10 17 rs4245555, rs12669770, rs7802879, rs7777754, rs2715129, rs3807549, rs2299150, rs11769934, rs2237441, rs1468450, rs6948959, rs980716, rs2715116, rs737292, rs7794604, rs17133917, rs2237450
H19 13 rs2071094, rs2735466, rs7950932, rs217222, rs217727, rs2251375, rs217228, rs3741216, rs1706879, rs2735971, rs7950715, rs7950787, rs12417375
IGF2* 17 rs6578987, *rs734351, *rs4341514, rs680, *rs3741212, *rs11603378, *rs3213216, *rs10770125, *rs3741205, *rs3741206, rs1004446, *rs4320932, *rs3842752, *rs7924316, *rs7483056, *rs6356, *rs10743152
INS* 16 *rs734351, *rs4341514, rs2585, *rs3741212, *rs11603378, *rs3213216, *rs10770125, *rs3741205, *rs3741206, *rs4320932, rs3741211, *rs3842752, *rs7924316, *rs7483056, *rs6356, *rs10743152
KCNQ1OT1* 14 rs231352, rs463924, rs4930005, rs231841, rs10832514, rs756852, rs7128926, rs10832430, rs231361, rs760419, rs9666537, rs7929804, rs10766218, rs6578283
MEST 6 rs12706933, rs13234660, rs765205, rs13225903, rs1047456, rs10954272
NNAT 3 rs6066671, rs12481150, rs6019103
PEG3* 8 rs17207579, rs11084466, *rs2079877, *rs7256072, *rs382592, rs758752, rs7248098, *rs1860565
PEG10 5 rs1568214, rs13073, rs1533831, rs6948099, rs6465422
PLAGL1 20 rs12528289, rs9484833, rs1884087, rs10499846, rs2268440, rs6930726, rs7770529, rs2268443, rs2876578, rs9373409, rs2268445, rs17073273, rs9403542, rs9484836, rs6570599, rs2328537, rs9321957, rs6937128, rs9767615, rs2207851
SGCE 2 rs1879854, rs7778237
SNRPN 12 rs7164801, rs17114774, rs7171320, rs1453556, rs4028398, rs1982981, rs736008, rs9806682, rs7164989, rs8042562, rs12592279, rs8029318
ZIM2* 8 *rs2079877, rs12981689, rs1476830, *rs7256072, *rs382592, *rs1860565, rs2286751, rs10401139
  1. Genes are named according to their HUGO (Human Genome Organisation) abbreviation
  2. *indicates that some of the SNPs are shared with another gene (IGF2 with INS, PEG3 with ZIM2, PLAGL1 with HYMAI, KCNQ1OT1 with KCNQ1, and FAM99A with FAM99B and KRTAP5-6). A total of 155 SNPs were genotyped. The following SNP genotypes failed as either the assay was unsuitable or the genotypes did not pass the quality control procedures: (GNAS) rs6123837, (GRB10) rs2237450, (PLAGL1) rs12528289, (ZIM2) rs2286751